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A New, Old Neighborhood.

The Skidmore Historic District is a local and national treasure for its rich history and exceptional architecture.  The District is considered crucial to the City of Portland’s character and includes one of the finest collections of cast-iron façades in the nation.  The bronze Skidmore Fountain is known as Portland’s oldest piece of public art.

The District has adopted strict design guidelines to ensure that new development and renovations to existing buildings maintain the integrity and enhance the quality of the Skidmore/Old Town District.

Ankeny Blocks, located within the Skidmore District, is a transformative, mixed-use, large-scale development.  Millions of square feet on eleven proximate land sites have been slated for development by the Downtown Development Group.

Already under construction are residential units on a half-block parcel in the Skidmore/Old Town Historic District.  Strict design guidelines were adhered to maintain and strengthen those qualities that make the Skidmore/Old Town Historic District a unique historic neighborhood.