The Morrison Bridgehead Blocks is a four-block development that will connect the west end of the Willamette waterfront to Portland’s Central Business District, Ankeny Blocks and the Retail Corridor.  The McCall Waterfront Park and the Portland Saturday Market will be more accessible from the west.

At the center of the Morrison Bridgehead Blocks will be a 300+ foot tower for residential, office and retail use.

Whether you are there to live, work or play, the Morrison Bridgehead Blocks will bring you closer to the lively, vibrant lifestyle that is the Portland experience.

To the north are the Ankeny Blocks—an eclectic neighborhood of sidewalk cafes, multicultural cuisine, distinctive boutiques and art galleries.

To the east, the view from the tower will overlook the Willamette River then stretch on to Mount Hood.

To the south is Portland’s commercial district—a hub for innovation and workforce talent within walking distance.

To the west is Portland’s retail corridor—a scenic walk with whimsical outdoor sculpture and bustling parks including Pioneer Courthouse Square.